10/9/2019 Rocky Mountain RV Park day 28

It was a Dark and Stormy Night

It howled (unfortunately the wind, not wolves), blew,, and pelted snow in the morning.  It grew cold getting down to 7 F during the early morning and hardly rose during the day.

We read, chatted, watched old episodes of Law & Order SVU.  We had fun.  Thoughts of walking to town for dinner faded as the temperature held steady well below 28 F.  Ellen cooked (microwaved) eggs & bacon for lunch.  For dinner we cooked some frozen burritos I smuggled in the shopping cart a few days ago.  They’re often barely edible.  We were hungry and these were good with cilantro and fresh lime juice on top:  EVOL Carnitas Big Burrito and EVOL Cilantro Lime Chicken Burrito.

Our little space heater really helps, though at 10 F outside it’s never toasty in Li’l Beast.  There’s always some cold air seeping through from somewhere.

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