A New Motor Home in our Future?


2020 Winnebago View 24J, similar but improved

A few days ago before the weather turned cold in Gardiner Montana, knowing where the plumbing components in our motorhome was critical.  Rather than hauling out our manuals, a web search turned up online copies of manuals for our 2015 Winnebago View.  One of the websites my search turned up was a video review of “the new 2016 Winnebago View” by Lichtsinn RV.  For grins I started watching their video.  Ellen, now curious, stood then sat to watch too.  Many of the new sprinter features are great.  Lane following, adaptive cruise control, automatic breaking.  Mercedes has been busy.  The new View’s interior looks great and has a number of ease of use features that appealed.

I’ve been very impressed with Winnebago’s design of the View and its components.  There are a few things I’d like to see changed.  Not surprisingly, they have been addressed in the 2020 View.  The only thing I saw that I didn’t like is the way the propane tank is mounted. In the 2020 it replaces a storage locker.  It might even be a smaller tank. 

“Maybe we should get a new motorhome”, Ellen said.  Though surprised, I didn’t take that comment too seriously.  Later that same day she mentioned budgeting for a new RV.  That comment I took seriously.  I’ll research pricing and options for the 2020 Winnebago View over the winter.  I hope they retained the cold weather package.

We really enjoy the freedom our motor home gives us.  We can travel all over the Americas.  Retired, we have no schedule to follow.   We stop where and when we want.  We can hunker down if the weather turns sour. Ellen has surprised me.  On our first few trips, being out for a week or two seemed excessive to her.  Now on this trip, we’ve been gone for 31 days.  Yesterday she quipped, “We’ve been gone how long? Really?”  We can go for a few months and it feels natural.  There’s no rush to be anywhere at any time.  We travel in an unhurried, relaxed tempo. 

“ Maybe we should get a new motor home.”   Indeed.

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