Ants Revisited

The blog entry for July 15 is all about site 56 at the Buena Vista Aquatic Recreation Area and our ant invasion. We were squishing ants every time we visited our RV into August ahead of our trip to Seattle. It’s no fun living with a bunch of ants, even if they’re not an aggressive biting variety. What finally worked to get rid of the pests was placing a bug bomb in the electrical cabinet and one inside the RV. We aired out the RV and let it stand for a few days before heading off to Seattle. We found one survivor later and aside from that guy, the ants are gone.

When I bombed the electrical cabinet, I had left the cap off of our water inlet. Even with two filters and a UV water purifier on our water inlet, we still drink bottled water most of the time. I was wary of our water supply after bombing the RV. It’s been over a month now and everything is back to normal.



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