We arrived here (Bayreuth) at 5:45 late yesterday.  Our plans were to stop by 2PM each day.  Clearly that didn’t happen.  We are attempting to scratch back the extra day in Prague which is a day less on the road.  We visited Křivoklát, Loket, and Bayreuth.   All were great fun.  I highly recommend the little outdoor restaurant at Křivoklát. It sits at the base of the road to the hilltop castle.  I ordered the “Veprova pecnika, bramborovy knedlik, brusinkovy terc” and the pork, cabbage, and potato dumplings were fabulous.  Also try the green beer and yes, it is green.

Locket is picturesque and well worth a stop.  The castle is smaller, though a fun romp with some interesting weaponry from more modern times.  I especially liked a “shoulder cannon”.  I’ll provide a photo and description from Bamberg.

Bayreuth is a surprise.  The GPS took us to the modern part of the city; very disappointing.  We thought we’d chosen a poor spot to visit, then we found the Old Town.  Amazing.

Later, we’ll push off early today.  The castle road (what little we’ve seen of it) is not to be missed.  The country side we drove through is reminiscent of parts of Maine, Western Massachusetts, the Ohio River Valley, and Oregon.  The area we are driving is small, but with far too much to see in “just” ten days.  We could easily take a month’s time driving and not be satisfied.

Sorry, no time = no photos today.  It takes hours to compose a simple few pages of text and pictures.


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