Day 15, out of sequence below

A quick note.  Somehow our WiFi connection failed when Day 15 should have been posted and I did not notice it until days later.  It’s the nature of a blog that each entry is sequential, hence my re-submission of day 15 is out of chronological order.   We had a great time in Sperlonga, in fact we’ve had a great time wherever we’ve gone!

We are now in Florence and I’ve been very remiss in updating our blog.   Given a choice of enjoying Florence or writing about it, I must admit writing takes a distant second place.  We’ve had a wonderful time at the outskirts of Florence in a charming farmhouse and an equally wonderful time in San Niccolo near Oltrano.

One day I’ll feel the muse, but for now we are simply having fun re-discovering Firenze.

Our hosts have been wonderful.

Salve Firenze!

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