Fresh Snow in the Alps


Back to “today” for a moment.  It rained last night while we at at Laura´s Schiffwirtschaft. We watched the rain on the river Lech.  We had no umbrella nor our rain parkas; it was sunny just an hour ago.  We watched expecting the rain to subside. It didn’t. It was raining pretty hard as I opened the door to leave.  We stepped back into the restaurant to visit the WC and commiserate.  We were about to get soaking wet walking back to our Hotel.  It was only a few blocks away, but the rain had no mercy.

Resigned to a “drowned rat” look, we stepped outside to find the rain had stopped.  The occasional drop fell, but there was no rain.

Getting up this morning the Austrian Alps look magnificent in a fresh coat of white.


The Austrian Alps from Fussen Hotel this Morning

“Now back to our regular programming, the retrospective”.  Catching up to the present in this blog is a lost cause. 

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