HD Antenna

Little Beast just had a Wineguard DirecTv HD antenna installed by CamperWorld in Vacaville. The installation looks to be excellent and the antenna and receiver work great (based on testing at CamperWorld). It took about four hours total for the installation and working through DirecTv’s setup was a snap.

I would caution anyone going to CamperWorld to look closely at your invoice at checkout. The sales people added the two year extended warranty to the sales contract. That’s something I never purchase. Also the credit card deposit was six times greater than the sales guy, Will, quoted. It was not a deposit, but rather payment in full for the antenna! It’s ok with me, but I’d prefer knowing that up front and not finding out at checkout. If for some reason I had chosen not to have the antenna installed, what then? The installers at CamperWorld did great work. I’d be wary of the sales team.


Video of the antenna “doing its thing” is coming. We have a wedding to go to first!


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