Northern Lights

Dinner ended abruptly.  Ellen asked, “where’d everybody go?” just as an expedition leader nearly shouted,”Northern Lights”.  We all got up and rushed out to dress for the cold.  It was cold on deck 9.

We went out the first time, Ellen and I, and joined a small number of people gathered around the stern of deck 9.  That area of the ship is large and easily accommodated a crowd. We took some photos, got cold, and scurried below decks.  I loaded photos, Ellen talked with folks coming in.  I finished looking at a few disappointing photos and was adjusting camera settings accordingly when Ellen walked through the door, “Inge just took some pretty good photos.”  We headed back out.  I took a series of sequential photos of 1.6 second exposure about a second apart.  In the main, there is cloud cover that obscures much of the phenomenon. Still for a first time photographing the Northern Lights, I’m pretty  happy.

I expect we will have more opportunity to enjoy this ribbon of eerie light.  John showed photos he took looking straight up into a display that shoed red bands around the green.

Here are a few of tonight’s photos.  They’re an improvement, though I will still want a copy of John’s photos.  Clearly he is the expert in these things.


Obscured by Clouds



Stars are Visible

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