October 30, 2018, Home Again

We off-loaded Li’l Beast yesterday; amazing the amount of “stuff” we took with us and accumulated along the way on this past trip.  I’ll read through and post the drafts for the past few days of travel later today.

Home was waiting for us, just as we left it, clean and uncluttered; that was before we unpacked.  Already I miss the fun we have planning the next day’s adventure without a care for life’s responsibilities.  I miss Grand Teton, Yellowstone, Coeur d’Alene, Spokane, Victoria, Whidbey Island, Ashland and Middleton too!  We would still be on the road, but for the cold weather, rain, and snow we encountered. The weather chased us west, then south.  Here at home we have a sunny brisk day with hardly a cloud in the sky.  Our electric cars are both healthy, charged up, and ready to go.  Reminds me of Obama’s famed chant, “Fired Up! Ready to go.”

Speaking of “ready to go”, I just got off the phone with a Hurtigruten representative who said the Northern Lights Astronomical Cruise is sold out!  The Astronomical Cruise is a gathering of astronomers and tourists who board a Hurtigruten cruise ship for a trip along Norway’s coast. I confirmed my reservation and made final payment.  There are a limited number of double bed suites available on MS Trollfjord.  The fellow recommended that we arrive at the ship early and ask for a double bed cabin.  “No. The beds cannot be moved in the cabins, they’re bolted to the floor to keep them from moving around.”  He said we could book a cruise only room and perhaps get a double bed, but that we would not be able to attend the astronomy lectures presented by members of the astronomical society.  That’s the whole point of taking the northern lights astronomical cruise.  We’ll take our chances and arrive at the ship early.

November and December will be busy months.  Before we fly to Norway and Sweden,  we’ll have a family get-together at home, a family thanksgiving dinner in San Diego, a short excursion to Joshua Tree In Li’l Beast, then home for Christmas. We fly to Bergen, Norway Dec. 30th. 

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