Rediscover Yourself

Fishing New England

As a teenager I loved to fish.  I caught carp and eels, but never caught a sport fish.  The eels fought hard and were fun to catch, but I always longed to fish for bass or trout.  The few times I went bass or trout fishing in Massachusetts or New Hampshire, I caught nothing.

I’m a bit older now and maybe wiser.  I’m thinking I’ll bring a spinning and wet fly setup with us when we go east.  I’ll get two fishing licenses and try my hand once again.  I’ve checked state fishing regulations for New Hampshire and New York.  I’ll have no problem fishing on the east coast!

You know beginner’s luck, right?  Ellen will not clean any fish I catch.  She thinks it’s “yukkie”.  Arguing makes no sense, yukkie is yukkie.  We’ve been fishing together in Africa going after Tiger Fish.  They’re nasty looking sharp toothed fish that run in the Zambezi river.  We fished two times in the morning.  The first Ellen caught the only fish that day.  The second time she landed the most and the biggest Tiger Fish.  I fully expect she catch dinner for us when we go fishing.  It’s not an issue for me.  I just love being out on a lake or stream.  If Ellen is more successful with rod and reel, more power to her.   I’ll clean any fish she catches  oh and any I catch as well.

I’ve cooked trout so fresh it doubles over in the pan.  There’s nothing like it, except Dungeness Crab and Maine Lobster if its not overcooked.

Our next trip will be one of discovery and re-discovery.




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