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Ellen and I have retired.

We enjoyed our lives and work, but being retired is a new-found freedom. We can do what we want to do, when we want to. We could never do that while working without scheduling days off. We are lucky in that over the years, with some wise or lucky investments, we can afford to travel. We are not extravagant people. We do enjoy a wonderful multi course meal, or accommodations with a fantastic view. Our travels will be a mix of comfortable visually stunning accommodations coupled with visits to visually stunning locations with limited creature comforts. We hope to visit friends and family often, something that was less available to us as work as work often “got in the way”, and to plan trips to world-wide locations that interest us. The world is a vast place yet quite small.

I hope you find the information here funny, informative, or useful.  Feel free to comment on anything and everything and have fun exploring our site.

I am installing a forum service on the website open to all.  Register and start a thread or comment on active threads.

Be civil in your communications.

Thank You,


(I know there is a dearth of information today.  It will grow.)

One thought on “Blog Home Page

  1. Carolann Miller

    I enjoy “traveling” with you on your many adventures. With Ron’s attention to details, Ellen’s beautiful photos, I feel as if I am there with you.
    I look forward every morning, while drinking my coffee, to “checking in” for the days journey.


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