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Winnebago View, Sprinter based, rough start and no power.

Leaving Normandy Family Campground yesterday, we had a scare.

I had disconnected, but had not taken in our Sat antenna.  No problem, I thought, just turn on the inverter to power the antenna and bring it in.  With the antenna stowed, we went over our checklist, all good to go.

The Beast started hard, turned over and ran but with no power and a very rough idle.  WTF?  Holy craparoonie.  I shut down the engine and re-started:  SAME DEAL, rough running with no power.

Ellen leapt up to check the control panel and asked, “Should this green light be on?”  Now who would think starting the diesel engine with the inverter powered on would cause trouble?  We’ve run with the inverter on powering a crock pot.  Ellen turned the inverter off and The Beast started right up.  Great problem #1 solved, but were there any secondary problems created?

It is now the next day and all appears to be right in Li’l Beast.  I just have to examine the electrical wiring diagram to understand why we had this problem.