Venice Day 2 evening

We met Markus and Alex at Piazza San Marco and again we were a bit late. We chose to take a vaporetto from Trastevere to the piazza. However the express boat was 15 minutes behind the two slow boats. We waited for the 5.1 express.

Funny the three times we’ve gone to the piazza, we arrived from three points of the compass, north, east, and south. We walked the piazza, went to their hotel room which was decorated in red and white, very nice and centrally located, then headed off to dinner at a local restaurant’s terrace on the top floor. The weather was comfortable with a slight breeze and the veranda plants were inviting: raspberries, blueberries, and tomatos. M&A were buying this evening as we had covered the night before. There was a very tempting bottle of Nebbiola on the wine list for $990e. I chose discretion and drank house wine that evening. The food was good, though Ellen’s cod was too salty. We talked well into the night, then left for gelato and a walk to the Rialto Bridge, which was quite close.

Heading back we missed the last vaporetto to Zattere and walked back to Piazza San Marco then over the Old Bridge to Trastevere. We’ve become quite familiar with the path from Trastevere to Piazza San Marco.


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