Whale Watching Video and PowerDirector


I’ve switched over to PowerDirector for my video editing and I’m quite pleased with the software. So far the software has had every feature I’ve wanted while editing video and it is easy to use. It’s crashed on me a few times. PowerDirector is not happy loading 60 AVI files. It may load them, but it will crash trying to do much of anything. It looks like the software loads features as they are needed and does not have sufficient memory when a number of large files are loaded. The solution is not to do that! Just work on a smaller set of files and it runs just fine.

Whale Watching Video, Loreto Mexico

While working on an entirely related issue (getting Amazon Prime to run on my smart TV), I would up connecting my wifi enabled devices to the TV. While testing the connection, up popped some video from our March whale watching trip. That was just the nudge I needed; editing those videos is a perfect way to test PowerDirector. The process went smoothly and without a crash. I’ve uploaded the mp4 output to the Loreto video album.

The video was shot with a Canon IXUS 800 point and shoot in a waterproof housing. This was our first whale watching trip and we were concerned that better equipment could be irreparably damaged. The quality of the video is what you’d expect from an older point and shoot camera, though the IXUS 800 is a fine camera within limits.

As for the video, it’s a sequence of our best clips of our days at Magdelena Bay, edited, spliced together, and with a sound track. I’ve kept the audio track in place, we get pretty excited.


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