It’s been a minute!

I’ve taken a long hiatus from this blog.  I’m BACK!

Covid is wreaking havoc on the world, We have unprecedented wild fires in California, a string of hurricanes hitting the gulf states, and political tribalism “like you’ve never seen before”.  2020 has been a “banner” year thus far.  I’d like to bury my head in the sand, though that’s no way to cope.

Our vacations are on hold as we hunker down.  We’re selling our 2015 Winnebago View 24J and are ordering a 2021 Winnebago View 24D.  From an investment point of view, we should keep the 24J.  It’s been barrels of fun for us.  However the queen bed and new sprinter safety features lured my wife from the 24J.  Too the new models have integrated solar and a lithium battery option.   We’ll sell our 24J first.

We were in Morocco about to head into the Sahara, when we about faced and headed Casablanca’s airport to head home.  What a zoo the airport was.  Hundreds of people waiting in line (pushing and shoving sometimes) trying to get on the standby waiting list.  Air France was the only carrier flying out of Morocco.  They prioritized French Nationals, followed by EU citizens.  For four days we arrived at the airport extremely early and left late.  One night we were near the front of the line and actually slept in the airport expecting to be first in line the next morning.  That didn’t happen as a bus load of Moroccans stormed the counter demanding service.  It was bedlam.   After some days our tour company worked an agreement with Air France. We loaded onto busses in the early morning darkness and drove to Marrakech for our flight to Paris.

Once home we took the pandemic seriously and self quarantined at home for months.  We’re only now extending our safe bubble to family and a few friends.

Our international travel plans are trashed for the next year, perhaps longer.  We will resort to extended motor home trips across the nation.  There hundreds of other people purchasing their first RV to enjoy traveling while self isolating. There is a Covid RV Sales boom nationwide.  This is the perfect time to sell a used RV and to purchase a brand spanking new one.   The one good thing (for us) to come out of 2020.

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