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Merry Christmas from Rancho Mirage, future home of Barack & Michelle


We’re off to Rancho Mirage to visit an old friend of Ellen’s for the weekend.  We’ll charge our Tesla in Temecula and in Indio on the way.  It will be good for Ellen to meet Bonnie again, it’s been years.  I’m told I’ve met her, but….

I’ll write more about Rancho Mirage once we’ve arrived.  It is quite the coincidence that our president is considering a move to Rancho Mirage.  I wonder if there will be security in place while we visit.  Probably not, but you never know.

For me this is a treat.  I’ve never visited either Palm Springs or Palm Desert. Big Fun.  And re-acquainting with Bonnie will be great too.

Today we spent some of our morning with Jen and her new baby, Henry.  He’s a gas.  He’s learning that those funny things are his arms and legs and he’s moving them about with abandon.  He’s a happy child, mimicking facial expressions, smiling, and clutching tight with his little fingers.  He’s making noises that will soon be his first words.

Marty, Henry’s dad & Jen’s husband, started a software company that over the decade has become very successful.  He and Jen moved into a Mansion that needs significant work.   The remodel of the butler & maid quarters that sit over and beside the detached garage is nearly complete.  In a few weeks, they will move in and begin remodeling the main house.  This is an enormous undertaking.  The end result will be spectacular.