Buena Vista Aquatic Recreation Area

A number of interesting observations:


First, watch for ants; right, ants.
Once parked and leveled:
Connect water line to RV, check.
Turn spigot on, check.
Ask Ellen to open a faucet to check water pressure, check.
Connect 110 electrical service, check. Noticed a few ants near the service box
and forgot about it.

The next morning we were inundated with small red ants. Thousands of the little buggers had crept up the power cable, through the electrical wiring, and were investigating their new home. Our first clue that we had trouble was ants in bed with us! Ellen handled this with aplomb.

We were squishing ants between sips of morning coffee and it went on forever once we knew what was what. Ellen used a lavender cleaner here and there. I remembered that ants leave a scent trail to navigate home and sure enough, the ants congregated at the lavender “clean spots” in confusion. These guyz were dead meat. I’m sure we have another 200+ confused ants looking for water in “the Beast”.
Beware of site 56. I just have to find a general solution for ant colonies near the water or electric hookup.

Ant Update

World Wide web to the rescue, if a bit late. According to numerous posts, Comet sprinkled around areas that you do not want ants to explore works wonders. Yes, Comet, the household cleaner! We’ll be sure to pack some on our return trip to the Bay Area.


Second the prevailing wind.
In late after noon the wind blew west to east, toward the lake. The wind was hot but cooled a bit at night. AC is a definite must in the summer.
In the morning the wind shifts blowing east to west, coming across the lake. This sounds idyllic, right? It isn’t. The wind stinks of BO. It’s the only way I can describe it. It stank. I’ve enjoyed hiking to mountain streams and lakes with water so clear it is as if the water was air. I could see ten or twenty feet to the bottom. This lake sure looks inviting, but that morning breeze was a put-off.
Though the lake was like glass and very beautiful, you will not find me in that water. It reminded me of Mission Beach, San Diego and the stench on me after a few hours SUP with a few falls. That was nasty.

The lake was quite pretty otherwise.

We have arrived San Diego. I considered an excursion into Mexico (not entering at Tijuana), but my passport is with State being renewed. We do not have the required docs.

Mercedes Sprinter / Winnebago View

The Beast is a beast. She performed excellently. We did have one issue with the Mercedes Sprinter though. In moderate wind with the cruise control set, the OBC went crazy just after we hit a bumpy patch going over a culvert. We had three warnings pop up at the same time: ESP visit workshop; an image of a tire with the message visit workshop, cruise control visit workshop. I can be stubborn but three messages saying visit workshop got through: visit workshop!

I asked Ellen to look up the codes (I was driving). She did and the error messages indicated that ABS and cruise control were disabled. Stopping distance was compromised.

We turned in at the next stop. I checked tire pressure: good; restarted the engine and the error codes cleared. We were good to go. I can only guess this is a safeguard against ABS doing the wrong thing as it.can do in the rain.

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