RVing: short weekend jaunt.

We’re off for the weekend, leaving tomorrow morning. First we’ll take “little Beast” off for an overnight at Skyline Wilderness Park in south Napa with friends who own a Liesure Industries Unity. Then we both will drive south to visit more friends who are considering purchasing a sprinter based class B RV. We’ll probably visit with our grand nephew, Gavin on Sunday before heading home.

We’ve stayed at Skyline Wilderness Park and hiked some in the hills. The park is large and compfortable for us, though the hook-up sites are spaced tightly together. No hookups for us for one day.

On Saturday the group will head to Regale Winery and Vineyards, Los Gatos for the quarterly wine delivery. Regale has a bocci court that’s really fun and a fine foods vendor on the weekends. The last tiem we visited we had small hand crafted pizzas and beer. Regale’s wines are good to excellent and not overpriced.

I’m setting up Little Beast now and correcting a few things, notably I had not sterilized the hot water tank when de-winterizing. The hot water smelled, not nasty but it was not good. I’m running Spring Fresh through the hot water tank now, which I should have done in the first place. I’ve also cleaned up the grill and re-organized the “basement”.

The 24J has a tone of space and we have been filling it with “stuff”. Even still, we are well below the load limits for the View (I had The Beast weighed on our last trip to San Diego).

With no electricity at SWP, we will be running the generator for morning coffee or evening popcorn. We’re still looking for a suitable light weight table to go with our chairs and considering how to make our outside space “ours”. So much of what you see done with kitchy lights just is not appealing. We may go with a all weather “rug” hoping to minimize debris in the coach.

We are ecstatic about our RV. It’s the rigth size. If anything it makes camping too civilized. It is so very different than backpacking was. Now That’s camping, but something I’ve outgrown!?!

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