10/12/2019 Early Morning West Yellowstone , day 31


Another snow storm will roll in next week.  That storm will close the pass to Grand Teton National Park for a few days.  The road between Grand Teton and Yellowstone usually stays open through October, usually.  That storm will force us into Grand Teton probably before Thursday, 10/17.

We are both in excellent spirits.  The Beast is doing extremely well in the cold.  It dropped to 6 F this morning.  Today’s weather for West Yellowstone is partly cloudy at 44 F, Old Faithful shows sunny and 41 F.  Though colder, we’ll drive over the pass toward Prismatic Pool and Old Faithful.   We’ll stop by Firehole River again.

Pony Express RV Park

AllStay’s rating for this park is two stars.  That’s abysmal.  This morning I would rate the park FOUR STARS.  Yes, it is a small parking lot sitting between two motels on a side street with no view.  In high season I’d expect traffic on the street at all hours.  With a few inches of snow on the ground and very cold temps, the bathroom/laundry room is critical.  Both are extremely well heated and close by. There is boat loads of very hot water.  I had a long luxurious shower.

Where Grizzly was full yesterday, only six of the 16 sites are occupied here.   Ellen heard a motor home arrive last night.  Yes, the park does not look inviting when you first see it.

We’ll move to Grizzly RV Park tonight.  I could change my tune then.

Some photos taken over the past few days.


The Lone Maple, Rocky Mountain RV Park


Moonrise, Rocky Mountain RV Park


Hot Spring Pool before Gibbon Falls



Steam Frozen on the Pines



Gibbon Falls


Fly Fishing Madison River


Firehole River and Meadows

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